Hi Brendan

Thanks for talking with me tonight.   I’m not sure who is more excited about the marathon, you or me?  I’m thrilled that we are partnered up together.  I’ve never had a partner to train with, and I couldn’t pick a better person!

I was pretty impressed with your Lego building skills.  To think you built the Taj Mahal in 3 weeks of effort!?!  Over 5,000 Legos.  That is crazy.  I think my Lego building skills are a bit rusty.

Great work on your therapy session today.   The treadmill, squats, and all that ball work.  That’s tough work but you love it.   I can see you will be pushing me hard over the next few months.  Make sure I don’t lack too much.

Today I got to rest because most Sundays a do my “Long Run”, so no training.   This week’s run was 11.5 miles.  Tomorrow I’ll get up early and do 6-7 miles before work.  I’ll let know how it goes.


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One Response to Hi Brendan

  1. Sheryl Elkins says:

    Good morning, Patrick !

    I’m a dear friend of Liz, Brendan’s grandma, and the Barries, too ! Liz was all excited yesterday, telling me about your partnership with Brendan. He’s one special guy,
    and so are YOU for doing this ! ! : )

    I’m well acquainted with the Barr program, as I sponsored another dear friend of mine, Sarah Freeman, who ran it for years (until she blew both her knees out and had to stop running). So, now I’ll sponsor you, with many thanks. I also support the PMC
    every year.

    Be careful in that snow, and good luck with your training program. I’ll be thinking of you, Patrick !

    With thanks and all best wishes,


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