Snow Day

My Snow Shoes

Hi Brendan,

No school!  It’s your first official snow day of the year.  I’ve already cleared the drive way but it looks like I’m going to have to head out at least one more time tonight.   I can’t really figure out how much we got because of the snow that was still there from the Christmas storm. 

Your mom sent me the pictures of your impressive Taj Mahal and your latest master piece, the London Tower Bridge.  I still can’t believe that is all done with Legos.   What’s your next project?

Your grandmother (your mom’s mom), sent me a nice note today.  She told me you are “one amazing kid!”

No running today.  Wednesday’s are usually some type of cross training.  In January, I usually just work out at the gym, doing similar to exercises that you would do at therapy.  Today because of the storm I thought I’d change it up a bit.  My 5 year old daughter, Isabella, and I worked out using WII Fit Plus.  It was fun.   Her favorite exercise was one where she had to follow a cat around a park while running.   When she finished it would ask her 3 questions on what she observed on her run.  

Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to get out there for a run in the morning.   Hopefully the roads will be in good condition.  I’ll check in and let you know how it went.


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