Packard’s Corner Run

Hi Brendan,

I had a good run today.  It was the Packard’s Corner Run.  We didn’t start from our normal location, the Curley Community Center in South Boston but at the Boston Athletic Club.   It was a little confusing for us because in the past the BAC would be open early but this year it didn’t open until 8 a.m., which is when the run starts.  We were scrambling around last minute.    It was kind of funny.

The run is listed at 13.2 miles but my watch said 13.6.  I have a Garmin 405 watch that tracks me by GPS.  It lets me know real-time my pace, distance and time.  It can give me my heart rate if I wear the monitor.  I only use the monitor when I want to control my zones, like interval training or a controlled pace.   You can see a map and the stats from my run here,

RM: 13.6 (Packard’s Corner Run)
WM: 13.6
TM:  43.85

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One Response to Packard’s Corner Run

  1. Sheryl Elkins says:

    Hi, Patrick !

    BE CAREFUL out there ! ! I’m a walker, and this morning I was in the road, as the sidewalks are still horrendous from the last storm. One woman beeped and yelled at me for being in the street . . . I guess I can’t blame her, but I need my walking, ha ha !



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