A busy few days

Hi Patrick-

I had a great time with my friend Christopher at New Stars for All Stars. We got a bunch of autographs and all the players were really friendly. We met Jarrod Salatamacchia, Ryan Kalish, Will Meadowbrooks, Jeremy Hazelbaker, Darnell McDonald, Bill Mueller and a few more. We even played foosball with Wally and Darnell McDonald!! It was a lot of fun. Later on Saturday though I got a HORRIBLE headache that made my mom want to take me in for a brain scan. I hate going to the emergency room, and the doctor on call said if it went away with some meds, I didn’t have to go in. Finally by about 3:00 yesterday it went away completely. I was so happy because Sunday nights my mom and I go to KIKU YAMA in Dedham for dinner. It’s my FAVORITE place to eat. My dad comes with us once or twice a month but my mom takes me every week.

So I guess its back to school for me tomorrow, so I’ll write again tomorrow.

Bye for now,



About brendansbuddies

I was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia 12/30/09, 11 days after my 9th birthday. as of 2/2/10 I am in remission but must continue my chemotherapy protocol until atleast 2/2012.
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