Adams Street Run

Hi Brendan,

Yesterday your mom told me about the Kiku Yama trip to celebrate 1 year of being cancer free.  I’m in!  It sounds like a lot of fun.  I’ll be counting the days.

Today is Sunday so it’s another long run with L St.  I got in the car this morning and the thermometer read -4 F.  By the time I got to Carson beach I was pretty excited to see that it warmed up to 12 F.  I guess that would be the only way someone could get excited about a number like that?!?

I was all set for the cold today.  Preparing for the worst, I took a trip to Dick’s yesterday to get thicker running pants and my first balaclava.   I had the Vampire Weekend song, Horchata in my head all morning. (   As I started to warm up during the run, I was starting to second guess my wardrobe.    The mask was starting to itch my neck and I was beginning to overheat.  By the first water, I had to remove my new balaclava purchase along with my hat and gloves.  With my half unzipped jacket a ran the next 5 minutes trying to cool off.  I forgot just how quickly you warm up.

I can’t picture training without this group.   This morning the brave water stop volunteers were out in the cold with smiles on their faces, freezing their tails off just so we don’t dehydrate ourselves.  They also have some fun treats to help fuel us in the later miles like candy and fig newtons. 

Training for a marathon seems like an individual sport, but it isn’t.  You need the support of a lot of people.  Your family, friends, other runners and volunteers are very much a part of it.  Sure, I guess you can do it on own but that sounds like a lot of work.

I know you have been running your own marathon for over a year now, one that nobody chooses to run.   As hard as it is for you, I’m sure having your family, friends, doctors and other patients support you, gets you through the tough hills. 

As we say out on the course, “Keep it up, you look strong!”


RM: 15.0 (Adams Street Run)
WM: 15.0
TM:  74.6

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