DFMC Runner’s Meeting

Hi Brendan,

It’s still snowing as I am waiting for my train home. Thanks to the storm they will be running late. It was a busy day so thankfully it went by fast. There are no windows in the “Cave” where I work so I was oblivious to the storm outside. I’m a little sore and tired from today’s work out and I still have to snow blow the driveway and shovel the paths later. I can’t wait to just lie on the couch and watch a movie. We’ll see if that gets to happen. I’d settle for just dinner at this point.

I went to the DFMC runner meeting last night. It was at the Jimmy Fund Auditorium. They began the meeting by talking about one of the important projects the Barr program was supporting. A researcher is trying to enabling immune systems to fight cancer. They are targeting vaccines for pancreatic and prostate cancer. I’m in awe with their determination to eradicate cancer.

They also talked about fund raising strategies, training options and injury prevention. I think I should have heard the prevention talk years ago. I already had a lot of checkmarks on the injury list 🙂 I’m hoping this year is going to be injury free. So far, so good.

I’m looking forward to Thursday night at Kiku Yama. It will be nice to meet your friends and family. Have fun with ANOTHER snow today tomorrow!


RM: 5.75 (Treadmill)
WM: 21.55
TM:  113.5

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