Citgo Sign

Hi Brendan,

Welcome home!  I hope you had a great time on your trip. You will have to tell me all about it.

My week has been way too busy, for my life seems a little overbooked.  Trying to get my training runs in has been difficult.  Today I had to be in work a little early and knew my schedule was full until 8:30 p.m. tonight.  But I also needed to get a run in before Saturday.   (I had to switch my next 2 Sunday long runs to Saturday)   So I decided to drive into work and run in Boston this morning.

It was a unseasonably warm February morning, for it had to be around 40°F.   I ditched my hat, gloves and coat as I left the Boston Sports Club and headed towards Beacon St.  There was a lot of stop and go at the intersections through Back Bay thanks to all the commuters in their rush to get to work.  It was tough to get into a rhythm, but I finally did as I entered Kenmore Square.  I looked at the Citgo sign as I do each time I’m there.  Since my childhood, the sign reminded me of Fenway Park and the Red Sox.   I would get excited each time I saw it.   Over the past few years it also represented the Boston marathon to me.   When I would see the sign, it would let me know I’m almost finished.  It provided me with a comfortable feeling that I’m almost home.  It gave me the confidence that I was going to finish the marathon.

This got me thinking about of how comforting home is for someone with cancer.  All of the doctors, treatments and surgeries they must endure.  Constant trips and overstays at hospitals.  Through all this distress, I hope as they turn into their neighborhood and see their familiar landmarks, it offers a feeling of security and relief, at least for that moment.

On Patriot’s Day, as I reach the mile 25 marker and see you, the rest of the patient partners and all the DFMC volunteers having a white canvas with shades of blue lettering and an orange and red triangle as a backdrop, I will have another positive memory to reflect upon each time I see the sign.


RM: 9.0 (Kenmore Run)
WM: 32.0
TM:  193.35

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