Point Sebago Run

Hey Brendan,

The family and I are up at Point Sebago with a couple of families for the President’s weekend.   We all just got back from snow tubing.  Isabella and the other girls had a blast.  They would charge down the hill and rush back to do it again.   They were wearing us dads out.

I got my long run in this morning.  The schedule called for 17.5 miles but I figured why not even it off with 18.  So I jumped on Google maps and planned my route.  During the summers we would go on long bike rides around the lake but that would be almost twice the distance of a marathon so that wasn’t an option.  I decided to just run Rt. 302 for 9 miles and then turn around and run back.

When I started out, I was surprised at the amount of ice and snow still on the side roads even after a few warm days.   When I took a right onto Rt. 302 it was better but there was a light dusting of snow on the roads along with black ice from the night before .    I had to take shorter strides to keep from slipping as I ran.  Better too be safe than sorry.   The wind decided to make its presence too.  I would have to run into a headwind for the next 9 miles.   It made me appreciate I nice June run with a gentle breeze.

I remembered there being some hills from previous rides but I forgot how many.    I felt like I was either going up or down a hill and longing for a flat.  It made for an intense work out.  One I may have chosen to be a bit shorterJ.

When I got to Mile 9 I was looking forward to turning around.  Not because I was half done but that I knew the remaining trek would be better.  The sun had melted most the snow on the roads so I could kick up my gate.  The wind was now at my back to give me a little push and the hills, well they were still there, but now there would be more down than up.  Each mile was better than the next and I got to finish feeling strong.  I know my legs will be a sore tomorrow, but that’s ok.   It was worth it.    

When I got back, I was treated to the host’s specialty, Banana pancakes.  I usually don’t eat right away when I finish my runs but they smelled so good I had to have some.  They were delicious.

Well that’s about it.  Have a fun weekend and I’ll talk to you soon.


RM: 18.0 (Point Sebago Run)
WM: 18.0
TM:  211.35

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One Response to Point Sebago Run

  1. liz says:

    Hi Patrick,

    Sounds like a nice time up at Sebago. I’m so glad this snow/ice is finally melting so you can get in some good runs. I’m really looking forward to the Marathon this year. I know Brendan is excited to see you run!

    Take Care, Liz

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