and the chemo hold continues…

Hi Patrick,

I wish I had better news but again there is no chemo for me. I am going back to clinic on tuesday this week and if my platelets are high enough,(100) I will get my chemo on Wednesday in a lumbar puncture. If they aren’t high enough, I will have another Bone Marrow Biopsy to check again for a relapse. UGH>>> They are also checking to see if I might have something called ITP. ( it’s an illness that can cause my platelets to die off prematurely.) Hopefully they will figure out something soon.

I’m sorry you got injured running. I hope your up and running again soon. I can’t believe it’s almost Marathon Monday.

I can’t wait to go to the pasta party. My mom said they’re expecting 1800 people!! wow!!!!!

The science fair was fun. I’m glad we went last night.

Talk soon.



About brendansbuddies

I was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia 12/30/09, 11 days after my 9th birthday. as of 2/2/10 I am in remission but must continue my chemotherapy protocol until atleast 2/2012.
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