Thinking Positive

Hey Buddy,

I’m sorry this week was another disappointment. I know it’s frustrating but I’m sure they will figure out what is causing your negative results.   I guess we should look at the positives.  They have pulled most if not all of your medication.  You are feeling better than you have in over a year.  Think of it as a nice vacation from all the bad stuff you have had to endure.

I went out for a run today to test out the leg.  It didn’t last long.  I’m still getting pain.  The doctor told me to run, but shorter distances and a little slower, and stop if it starts to hurt.  It’s a little confusing because I’m not sure how much to push it.   I gave it a mile to see if it would start to ease up, but it never did.  It seemed to get worse the more I ran so I turned around.  I planned on starting biking and  swimming next week.  I guess I’ll just start it a week early.  I’m also going to see if a can talk to Jack Fultz from DFMC (He won the 1976 Boston Marathon) to give me some advice on how to finish up my training.

I know my leg issue is small compared to what you go through on a daily basis.  Knowing this helps put things into perspective.  I just want to be healthy enough for marathon day.  This year is a little more important than other years.  You have been a great partner.  I have had my best running year ever and that’s thanks to you.

I think we should try to plan a trip to Kiku Yama.   I’ll talk to your parents and see what day works with everyone.    It will be fun.


RM: 2.0
WM: 2.0
TM: 352.0

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