Feeling Good

Hi Patrick,
Hope your feeling better. I feel pretty good despite being back on Chemo again. I had no appetite for the first few days but now the steroids seem to be kicking in again!!YAY!! My mom was starting to get worried I wasn’t going to eat anymore and need to be back on my feeding tube, but so far I’m ok and just using it for all my meds again. Unfortunately my jaw pain is back.
I went to school Friday for an hour to see the chinese acrobats that came to perform at my school. They were really awesome and it was nice to see my friends again. I will be back in school tomorrow, but not on Tuesday. I have 3 different appointments on
Tuesday, so I will stay home that day.
Monday afternoon, Make A Wish is coming by to meet me and talk about my Make A Wish. I had been wanting to do a Mediterranean cruise, but after looking through some cruise brochures, I think I might want to do a Caribbean cruise instead. ( I REALLY want to go on The Oasis of the Seas, ship!!! They even have a zipline ON the ship!!!! It looks amazing!!!

Yesterday we went to the Franklin Park Zoo to have a private tour of the Zoo and to go and feed the Giraffes!! Giraffes are my favorite animals and have been since I was a baby. It was really awesome to be up close with them. I got to feed Beau, the male giraffe since Jana is more nervous around people. Beau is 18 feet tall. He was so nice and friendly.  After we saw the giraffes our guide took us to see the lion and the tigers. As soon as we got there, the lion stood up and started to roar. We didn’t think much about it until we got to the tigers, and one of them was completely fascinated by me. Every time my mom moved my wheelchair, the tiger followed us. The man from the zoo said he had never seen them so interested in someone. When we finally went to walk away, The tiger followed us as far as he could go. It made the man nervous and he said he was going to tell their caretakers. I think they saw me as easy prey and were sizing me up as a snack!!
I just went to see the movie HOP, with my mom and dad this morning. It was a lot of fun!

Hope your muscle pull is feeling better and you are able to start running again soon!! I’ll update again after I meet with Make A Wish! Have a good weekend.


About brendansbuddies

I was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia 12/30/09, 11 days after my 9th birthday. as of 2/2/10 I am in remission but must continue my chemotherapy protocol until atleast 2/2012.
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