Going to the Red Sox game tonight!!!

Hi Patrick,
I’m glad you were able to do your long run yesterday, but I’m sorry it was so hard!
I’ve been feeling much better lately and glad to finally be back on chemo again.
I was supposed to go to my mom’s great Aunts wake tonight and then to cubscouts, but one of the residents where we live offered us 4 tickets to tonights Red Sox game vs. the Yankee’s!!! I’ve never been to a Yankee’s game before so I can’t wait. (I still have to go to the wake tonight, but not Cub Scouts.) I hope they win, but it’s fun to go no matter who wins.
I can’t believe the marathon is a week from tomorrow!! It seems like it was so far away, and now it’s almost here. I think the Pasta Party will be really cool too.
I hope you can get in a few more runs before the big day and you feel better soon!!!!
I’ll take some pictures at the game tonight. We have some really good seats in the Pavillion Club!
Talk Soon!


About brendansbuddies

I was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia 12/30/09, 11 days after my 9th birthday. as of 2/2/10 I am in remission but must continue my chemotherapy protocol until atleast 2/2012.
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