Thank You

Hi Brendan,

With just a few days away from marathon day, I figured it would be a good time to thank all of the people who have wished the both of us well.  They have provided their time, support, advice, prayers and donations.  Without them I wouldn’t be able to succeed in my fundraising or training.  All of them have express heartfelt interest in you, me and Dana-Farber and I sincerely thank them for this.

Thank you to …..

Bethany and Scott Akins,  Cheryl Banks, Melisa Ball, Bearrunner,  Glenn Bryant,  Jack Fultz,  Dolly and Rich Davis,  Olga DiBlasi,  Mark Donohue, Sheryl Elkins,  Rich Flood, Lynn Freedman, Dianne Fernandes,  Karen Gondoly, Chris Hedkie,  Leslie Hixson,  Jim Hill, Therese Hudson, Deborah Hodgson,  Victoria Gartland, Cathryn Irwin, Susan Kaminski, Karen Kaminski, Millie Ling, Chris and Mary LaCroix, Erica Lubbers, Doreen  and Dwayne Lucas, Tom and Nancy McGuire,  Meghan McGovern, Jim and Tracy McLaughlin, Judith McMahon, Lisa and Bill Miller , Regina McNulty,  Isabel Nadal, Pamela Oakes, Ed an d Nancy (Mom and Dad) O’Neill, Mary and Bill O’Neill, Warren O’Neill, Lainey Pellettier-Ferrante, Lee and Ron Parkinson, Michelle Poulin, Kata Pavlov, John Pavlov,  Elizabeth Pearson, Terry and Jim Pike, Jennifer Pike, Miriam Porter, Carol Potter, John and Kate Quattrucci, Dianne Santos, Craig Savoie, Zachary Slayton, Sara Kinney,  Mike Soha, Ray and Beth West, Shane and Alyssa Wirta, Robert Whitney and to all that I may have missed.

And a special thank you to your mom and dad, Alexis and Scott, and your grandmother, Liz.  They have allowed me into your life for the past few months and have been incredibly supportive in both my training and fundraising efforts.  Along with you, they have given me an unedited view into a young person’s life with leukemia.    The experience has changed me forever.

Lastly, thank you to my family Nikki and Isabella.  They have been there 24/7 for me during these months of training, Dana-Farber events and other marathon commitments.   They have helped me in every possible way.  It’s not easy living with someone who trains for a marathon.  It’s time away from them, shortens family activities and puts more work onto your partner.   They put me first sometimes instead of themselves.   Their words of encouragement kept me on track.  I couldn’t have done it this year without them.

I hope you are still feeling good.  I know how excited you are for this weekend.  I will be picking up my number tomorrow night, and then I get to sit on the couch all day on Saturday (after a quick short run in the morning).  Who is luckier than me?


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