Athelete’s Village

It’s cold and windy!

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Loading the Buses to Hopkinton

After getting on and of the bus 3 times..we get to leave now!

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Happy Marathon Monday

Good Morning Brendan,

Well this is it, are you ready?  It should be an exciting day for the both of us.  It’s around 4:30 a.m. now.  No alarm needed this moring.  I’ve been up for a while.  I guess that’s why I make sure I get a good night sleep the night before – the night before the marathon. 🙂

I just checked the weather and it looks great.  It should be between 47°F and 62°F with a 17 mph tail wind from the WSW during my run.   That sounds pretty perfect to me.  If you are there early enough to see the lead runners, there is a good chance you can watch them set a new course record.

I’ll try to give you a couple of updates from now until I have to pack my phone away in Hopkinton.  After that, I’ll see on the bridge entering Kenmore Square.


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Back of My Shirt

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Pasta Party

Hi Brendan,

Thank you for going the pasta party today.  It was a lot of fun and the food was great.  It was cool meeing  Uta Pippig and going on stage to get your medal. Make sure you wear your medal tomorrow.

Your poster came out great!  I will be able to spot it with no problem tomorrow! Well I have to finish getting ready for tomorrow and then off to bed.

See you at mile 25!


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Brendan’s Journal

Hi Buddy,

I just checked out your Caring Bridge site again,  I haven’t been their in a while.  Even though I’ve been there many times, I have never noticed all the frogs :).  I like them!   I am going to forward the link to everyone that has been asking about you.  (There is a lot of them!)

Your grandmother told me she is doing the Neponset Valley Walk for Animals in Easton on May 15th.  That’s great!  I’ll have to ask her all about it this afternoon when I see her.

Don’t forget your orange bracelets today.  I’m sure we can get a few donations for you.  I know a bunch a people who want one.


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Last Run

Hi Brendan,

I went for my last run before the marathon today.   It’s has to be the strangest run I do all year.  It’s short, about 2 miles.  It is barely enough time to warm up.  I was tempted to go a little longer but I heard the running coaches in my head telling me to take it easy. 

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s party.  We will finally get to see the finished product your marathon poster.  Your giant picture will be on display 🙂   All of them will be displayed at the entrence to the hall. 

I’m can’t wait to find out who the special guest speaker will be.  I guess its a suprise.    It looks like between your family and mine, we will have a full table all to ourselfs. It will be a lot of fun!  

See you then….


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