Kiku Yama

Hey Brendan,

Thanks for inviting me to your party.  The food at Kiku Yama was great.  I had the same dish your mom recommended.  It had steak and shrimp with rice and a whole lot of veggies.  I ate every bit of it.  The chef cooking our meal was crazy the fire balls, flaming onion volcanoes and cracking eggs in mid-flight. I think I’ll try that while cooking dinner tonight.

I finally got to meet your grandmother in person.  We got to talk for a bit while we waited for you to show up in your big white limousine with 8 other ten year old boys.  Your poor parents, for it must have been a circus in there.  I heard there was a little excitement with an exploding can of soda J.    Hopefully you weren’t too sticky after that mess.

It looked like you and your guests had a great time.   I know I did.  I’m sure everyone was talking about it in school on Friday.  I bet the girls were jealous! 

How did the ride home go?    You had quite a few stops to make.  I know you still had to have your chemo when you got home too.  You must have been exhausted having an early day at the JFC and then a late night.   All worth it though, it was a great time.

I just got off the phone with your mom.  I made plans on March 9th to go with you to Dana-Farber.    Thank you for asking me to go.  I’m sure I will get a better understand of what you go through for your treatments. 

Have a good rest of the weekend and I’ll let you know how Sunday’s long run goes.


RM: 4.0 (Treadmill)
WM: 35.3
TM:  127.25

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